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Products > Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition

System Development for more than 30 Years

PAK is the multimode testbench acoustic measuring system for sound and vibration measurement, adaptable and extendable to your task in the field of acoustic measurement and analysis.

PAK MKII data acquisition frontends Standalone data acquisition with a smart device System software on a PC for data acquisition

Frontends: PAK MKII

PAK and Smart Devices

Application-oriented recording

A PC or a smart device communicates with the data acqusition frontend via a standard Ethernet or WI-FI and provides the recording feature as well as the clear online- and real-time display of the measurement data, the channel configuration and the synchronization of the measurement data. Furthermore the softwareinstalled on the PC is used to clearly display measured data online in real time, set channels and visualize recording level, synchronize measurements with rpm, and to analyze and interpret measured data.

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